2014 R.H.D

Side scuff plate

Side scuff plate
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Ch 628377-

Op. No.: 89138

Side scuff plate is a design-enhancing sill trim in brushed stainless steel that conveys a robust and rugged appearance. The supplied sill moulding gives protection when entering and exiting, and enhances the sill area.

The sill trim is fitted as standard on R-design, but also offered as an accessory.

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The main purpose of this accessory is to emphasise the sporty and SUV attitude, as well as to give the sill area a more elegant appearance.

The complete sill panel is removed and replaced.

Side scuff plate including unpainted sill molding1

Part. No.Description
31414945Ch 628377-, Supplied in pairs

Technical data


Stainless steel


Side scuff plate:

Brushed steel

Sill molding:


Accessory weight:

12,8 kg (5.3 lbs)/kit




Cannot be combined with Running boards.

  1. The sill moldings are painted the same exterior colour as the car at the dealership.
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