2003 R.H.D

Parking assistance, front/rear

Parking assistance, front/rear
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Op. No.: 36687

Front/rear parking assistance is an excellent system when you have limited space in front or behind the car, e.g. with tight parking.

Parking assistance rear is activated when reverse gear is engaged, and parking assistance front is activated at speed below 15 km/h. At indication, the radio's/stereo's sound level is muted and pulsating tone starts to sound in the car's loudspeakers. The tone starts to sound constantly when approx. 80/150 cm remain to the obstacle, and increases to a constant tone when the distance is approx. 30 cm from the bumper.

To be able to differ between front and rear systems, different frequencies are used for the tone and the sound comes from different loudspeakers. In case of an obstacle at the front, the sound is heard from the front loudspeakers, and the sound is heard from the rear loudspeakers in case of an obstacle at the rear.

The kit consists of wiring and four sensors mounted practically invisibly in the bumper. Parking assistance can be disabled in traffic jams or the like by pressing the button in the center console.

This system can produce "false" signals as a reaction to external sound sources with the same frequency as the system's sensors. Typical sources are the horn, wet tires on asphalt, pneumatic brakes and motorcycle exhaust pipes.

Parking assistance, front

Part. No.Description
30786672Ch 167357-, Ch 328408
+ Primer for bumper bars,

Necessary for optimal adhesion to the body.

Part. No.Description
1161727Excl. CN
+ Primer for Bumper bars1,

Necessary for optimal tape adhesion to the bumper.

Part. No.Description
1161765Excl. CA, CN, JP, US
+ Application2
Part. No.Description
+ Colour, Silverstone
Part. No.

Parking assistance, rear

Part. No.
+ ApplicationĀ¹
Part. No.Description
+ Keypad panel, 7-in a row3
Part. No.
+ Cleaning agent
Part. No.
+ Hole punching tool4
Part. No.Description

Technical data


VCC_12254, VCC_12275


Front parking assistance can only be used in combination with rear parking assistance. Not in combination with auxiliary lights. Front parking assistance can only be mounted together with bumper bars included in the kit.

  1. Japan orders in accordance with a separate procedure.
  2. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
  3. Only required if all buttons in the center console control panel are already in use.
  4. The hole punching tool can be used for several installations. Replace the tool with a new one when it becomes blunt. The hole making tool is ordered via SPX.
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