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Sensus Navigation

Sensus Navigation
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"Sensus Navigation" is a navigation system that is completely integrated in the car. Connect to the internet with a separate SIM card via Volvo on Call, or via Bluetooth or WiFi from your mobile telephone. Internet connection gives you a greater navigation experience.

Select your desired final destination using quick and easy voice control, "one shot destination", the touch scree or buttons on the steering wheel. Internet connection also makes it possible to find destinations and send them to the car from mobile phone or computer. It is also possible to set a destination using the address data found in the mobile phone's phonebook. A voice gives you driving instructions well in advance of each new direction, while receiving additional information via the screens, so-called turn-by-turn guidance. Driving instructions are also displayed in the dashboard and in the head-up display if available. The system is also equipped with on-screen menu shortcuts for the most frequently used functions. Your home address is stored separately and is always readily available.

Points of interest (POI) can be displayed for different categories. They can include everything from shopping centres to campsites and hotels. The system displays the approaching exits and which POI categories are represented near each exit. Internet connection also allows you to use information from the internet and save as POIs in the navigation system. This can be done using your smartphone, computer or directly in the car.

Traffic information is retrieved continuously from the internet. You can get suggestions for alternative routes to avoid roadworks, accidents and other disruptions to the traffic.

With "Sensus Navigation" you can see selected 3D images of buildings and landmarks on the map so you can recognise them more easily in real life.

"EcoRoute" is a "green" function that helps you to choose a fuel efficient route in combination with a good driving style to reduce fuel consumption. When you select "EcoRoute", a fuel efficient route is calculated based on speed limits and acceleration data for the specified route.

"Lifetime" map update gives you free updated maps.1 See Note box for information on how often map updates are performed in your market. The updated maps are downloaded from http://support.volvocars.com. Entire regions and parts of entire regions are downloaded from this website. Smaller updates of already downloaded regions are downloaded wirelessly in the car.


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Facts and advantages

  • Possible to connect to the internet for a greater navigation experience.

  • Traffic information via Internet and Traffic Message Channel (TMC).

  • Points of interest (POI).

  • 3D-images.

  • Few steps when setting the destination by using voice control, touch screen or buttons.

  • Connection between the car's applications and the navigation system. This makes it possible to use information from the internet and, for example, parking applications in the infotainment system.

Technical data




Not suitable for cars equipped with Google services.


The maps are installed by downloading them to a USB memory stick, which is then connected to the car's USB port. For Europe and America a USB memory stick of at least 64 GB is required. File format FAT32.


Map updates take place on a regular basis.

  1. This may change in the future.
  2. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
Last updated: 4/22/2024