2011 R.H.D

Rectangular end pipes

Rectangular end pipes
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Op. No.: 25208

Rectangular end pipes in high polished stainless steel that enhance the car's robust look as well as giving it more attitude.

Read more about the exterior styling concept at Exterior Styling, general description.

Part. No.Description
307581525-cyl, Diesel, 2.0, SingleInstallation Instruction
312695416-cyl, Gasoline, 3.0, DoubleInstallation Instruction
312695415-cyl, Diesel, 2.4, DoubleInstallation Instruction
312695404-cyl, Gasoline, 2.0, DoubleInstallation Instruction
312695404-cyl, Gasoline, 1.6, DoubleInstallation Instruction
313392504-cyl, Diesel, 1.6, SingleInstallation Instruction

Facts and advantages

  • For both single and double end pipes and always in combination with Skid plate

Technical data


Stainless steel

Accessory weight:

1.25 kg each




Not suitable for the V60 Plug-in Hybrid


To ensure that hot exhaust gases never damage the installed Skid plate, unique accessory end pipes must always be installed in combination with the Skid plate.

Last updated: 4/28/2022