2021 R.H.D


Remote key fob shell – white leather (Excl. BR, MX)

Key fob shell in white leather of the highest quality that tastefully matches the interior of the car. The key fob shell makes your key more attractive and harmonises with the Scandinavian heritage of the car.

Remote key fob shell - wood

Choose between two luxuriously designed key fob shells in the highest quality wood. Rather than reflect the interior of the car, the key fob shells are designed to harmonise with the Scandinavian heritage and make your key more decorative.

Remote key fob shell – leather

An exclusive key fob shell, which tastefully matches the interior of the car. The shell indicates which car you are driving and makes your key more decorative.

Textile interior cabin floor mats

Tufted fabric floor mats with scalloped edging and fabric-based backing. The mats provide effective protection for the car's interior against wet and dirt.

All-weather interior cabin floor mats

Floor mats, including a tunnel mat, for the passenger compartment floor. The mats are made of soft and flexible plastic, which have a rubber feel. They have raised edges all around, which give protection against wet and dirt on the car's interior.