2010 R.H.D

Towbar, detachable

Towbar, detachable
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Excl. AU, CL, PE, BR

Op. No.: 89208 89204

A towbar with a unique design for S30, which is easy to install when needed. When it's not needed, it's easily removed and all that can be seen is the fully covering protective cover. The car is fully prepared with weld nuts in the body and a clear marking for cut-out in the bumper casing.

Detachable towbar, complete tow hitch.

Part. No.
30756955Installation Instruction
+ Cover
Part. No.Description
31316070Ch 190000- , For cars with skid plate
31316069Ch 190000- , For cars with R-design body kit
31269571Ch -189999 , For cars with body kit

For cars with diesel engine and manual transmission: If the car is driven with a major load in a hot climate, the engine cooling fan should be replaced with one of a greater capacity than the standard model. This avoids temporary shut-off of the air conditioning and temporary lowering of engine torque.

Part. No.Description
31261986Diesel, 1.6 , Cooling fan

Facts and advantages

  • Thoroughly tested both in the lab and on the test track to fulfill Volvo's stringent requirements for quality and durability.

  • Surface treated in several stages for the best corrosion resistance

  • It is supplied complete with the required bolts, nuts, electrical bracket, protective cover, storage bag for the ball mechanism, handling instructions, decals and installation instructions.

  • The ball section is easy to remove when the towbar is not in use

  • The ball section has protection against theft with a lock

  • Double handgrips.

  • Approved according to EU directive 94/20/EC

Technical data

Accessory weight:

11.5 kg (25 lbs)

Max. towing capacity:

1500 kg (3300 lbs)

Towball diameter:

50 mm

Max. ball pressure:

75 kg (170 lbs)


VCC_07114, vccpartners


Does not fit DrivE, MY 2009.

Does not fit DrivE with Start/Stop, MY 2010-.

Fits DrivE without Start/Stop, MY 2010.


Please see VIDA for correct spare parts towbar cover. First see the towbar type plate for the towbar part number.


The towbar is tested for the maximum towing weight and ball pressure, but this can be lower depending on the car version. For precise information, check car version and refer to the car's owner's manual.

Last updated: 4/22/2024