Integrated running board with illumination

An exclusive and stylish running board that enhances the vehicle's luxurious look. "Integrated running board with illumination" makes it easy to enter and exit the vehicle and to load the vehicle's roof. It has LED illuminated strips on its outer edge, which show where to place your foot and give the vehicle a cool appearance. The lighting is coordinated with the vehicle's interior light logic.

Fender extension

A color-coded fender extension that is designed in line with other expressive exterior details that are integrated into the bodywork. Areas of the fender extension that are more vulnerable, such as to dirt and stone chips, for example, remain unpainted for practical reasons. Otherwise, the new fender extension is painted the same color as the vehicle, which creates a more sophisticated SUV-feel.

Touch-up paint, paint, bonding primers (Excl. KR, TR)

Volvo Genuine paint. Spray cans and touch-up pens for minor paint damage.