Exterior Styling kit

Workshop installation recommended

Op. No.: 89163

The styling offer consists of a front skid plate, lower door moldings and a rear skid plate. Together, the styling elements in the exterior styling kit give your vehicle a more expressive design. All three components have brushed stainless steel detailing that reinforces the vehicle's exclusive look.

Skid plate, front bumper. A styling element for the front of the vehicle that reinforces your vehicle's powerful appearance and gives it a dynamic and more robust look.

Skid plate, rear bumper With this styling element, you can reinforce the visual impression of the vehicle's rear section.

Door moldings. This element reinforces the vehicle's luxurious impression. The door moldings also accentuate the SUV character and bind together the wholeness of the design.

Front and rear skid plate

Part. No.
31655309Installation Instruction
+ Door moldings
Part. No.
31664376Installation Instruction
+ Application, for cars equipped with "foot movement detection (FMDM)"1
Part. No.
+ Application, for vehicles equipped with "Front Parking Assistance"ยน
Part. No.

Technical data


VCC11137_ICE, VCC11139_ICE, VCC11330_ICE

Accessory weight:

5,9 kg (kit)


The accessory is not available for vehicles with the Kinetic equipment level.


For Pure electric vehicles (P8), a small cut-out is required to allow the correct installation of the front parking sensors in the grille in the front accessory bumper. See the mounting instructions for more information.

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
Last updated: 1/13/2021