Towbar hitch

Towbar hitch

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Op. No.: 89208 89204

A towing device especially developed for the North American market. It is easy to remove the ball section by removing a pin. This makes room for Volvo's towbar-mounted accessories.

Each Volvo towbar has been designed for your Volvo. They are an integral part of the car's body and have been tested to ensure that they meet the most stringent safety and function requirements.

The towbar is equipped with Volvo's Trailer Stability Assist technology (TSA) and interacts with your Volvo's DSTC system1. If the trailer starts to sway back and forth at speeds in excess of 30 mph (50 km/h), TSA can brake one or more wheels to regain stability and maintain control.

The towbar consists of three main parts: cross member, ball holder and a 2" diameter ball. The vehicle is prepared for installation in the bodywork. The towbar comes complete and ready to be installed.

The towbar is treated in several stages to provide excellent protection for corrosion resistance.

The trailer module manages the electronic communication between the car and trailer.

Member kit

Part. No.
31458009Installation Instruction
+ Ball holder 2"
Part. No.
+ Ball 2"
Part. No.
+ 4/7-pin towbar wiring
Part. No.
+ Foam block
Part. No.
+ Trailer module
Part. No.
+ Application2
Part. No.

Facts and advantages

  • Thoroughly tested both in the laboratory and on the test track to fulfill Volvo's strict requirements for quality and safety

  • Approved according to standard SAE J684.

  • Multi-layer treatment for corrosion protection.

  • The mountings for the safety chain are clearly located and easy to access.

  • Supplied with necessary nuts and bolts, electrical bracket, decals and installation instructions.

  • Clear markings for cutting the bumper.

  • The ball holder is easy to remove when the towbar is not in use.

  • The trailer module is compatible with trailers with LED lighting.

  • Control function of trailer lighting that makes it possible to control the trailer lighting in a controlled sequence.

Technical data

Accessory weight:

Member kit

57 lbs (25,75 kg)

Ball holder

6,4 lbs (2,9 kg)


3 lbs (1,4 kg)

Max. towing capacity:

3500 lbs (1587,6 kg)

Towball diameter:


Max. ball pressure:

350 lbs (158,7 kg)




The towbar is tested for the maximum towing weight and towball load, but may be lower depending on the car version. For precise information, see the car owner's manual or contact your local Volvo dealer.

  1. Dynamic Stability and Traction Control.
  2. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
Last updated: 5/22/2019