RSE multimedia system - two screens and two DVD players

RSE multimedia system - two screens and two DVD players

Op. No.: 39332

RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment) is the ultimate multimedia system for passengers in the rear seat.

The entertainment system makes it possible to play media on two tilting screens that can be controlled using the touch function.

For further information about the product, see RSE multimedia system - two screens and two DVD players, general description

Facts and advantages

  • Two high resolution and tilting 8" screens in widescreen format that are flush mounted in the front headrests.

  • Two integrated DVD players with lower edge disc insertion.

  • Connection to USB, SD card and iPod.

  • The screens and the DVD players have been thoroughly tested and satisfy Volvo's stringent impact safety requirements.

  • Independent playback on each screen either from the DVD player or via AUX-input, USB, SD card and Apple devices.

  • Touchscreens.

  • Two wireless IR headphones and remote controls are included.

  • Extra headsets and remote controls can be purchased.

  • Automatic shut-off.

  • Sound in the car's speaker via AUX jack.

  • The same film can be watched simultaneously on both screens.

Technical data

Accessory weight:

8.4 kg (19 lbs)




Support for max 32 GB and 512 files on storage media (USB & SD).

Last updated: 4/24/2019