Adaptive Digital Display

Adaptive Digital Display

Workshop installation recommended

Op. No.: 38128

With high resolution digital instrumentation, you can adapt your car's instrumentation layout and interface according to your preferences. The 8" active TFT screen (Thin Film Transistor) gives the interaction between car and driver a new dimension.

The instrumentation layout can be switched between three different themes – Elegance, Eco and Performance.

Elegance has amber background lighting and the speedometer as the center gauge. Together with an illuminated indicator, this makes for easy and pleasant reading. A gearshift indicator helps you drive as energy efficiently as possible with the manual transmission.

Eco has a instrumentation layout similar to Elegance, but has green background lighting for a more environmentally inspired feel. An Eco gauge on the left shows your fuel consumption in real time and average fuel consumption over the last few minutes. The Eco gauge helps you to drive as fuel efficiently as possible.

Performance has an uncompromisingly sporty look with red background lighting. The tachometer is the center gauge and a digital speedometer is shown the center of the display, reinforcing your sense of control. On the right, there is a power meter that tells you how much engine power is available and how much is used at that actual time.

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3165907815-16, AUT, Ch 332972-,
31414909-15, AUT, Ch -332971, Installation Instruction
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Facts and advantages

  • 8" high resolution TFT screen.

  1. Ordered following a separate procedure and downloaded using VIDA
Last updated: 1/23/2021