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Satellite radio, Sirius

Satellite radio, Sirius
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Sirius satellite radio offers you a unique and high class selection of music, sport and news around the clock - fully digital. This service is now available on the Canadian market.

Sirius satellite radio gives you more than 100 channels to choose from. Over 60 channels of music, without commercial breaks, and more than 40 channels of sport and news, with fully digital sound.

Sirius offers a unique and first-class range of music, sport and news around the clock. Three satellites orbiting above the American continent, together with ground transmitters, ensure good radio reception.

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Facts and advantages

  • Controlled using the steering wheel buttons

  • More than 100 channels, over 60 channels of music and more than 40 channels of sport and news

  • Commercial-free (music channels)

  • Sound "crystal clear"

  • You can select which type of music you want to play e.g. classical, or deselect the type of music you don't want to listen to, as well as lock channels (child lock)

  • "Store" 18 of your favorite tracks easily

  • Coverage across the entire continent

Technical data

Accessory weight:

0.7 kg (1.5 lbs)


All C30 07- US CA cars are factory-prepared for easy retrofitting of the Sirius satellite radio.


Sirius satellite radio requires the car to be equipped with either a High Performance or Premium Sound audio system.

Last updated: 4/28/2022