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Roof tent

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Op. No.: 89193

A roof tent with a soft shell, tried and tested for Volvo cars with rails and Volvo's load carrier. The tent has room for 2-3 people.

The flat floor and plush mattress make a cosy place to sleep. The tent is equipped with a panoramic window, making you feel like you're close to nature, and with the way the tent is positioned on the car's roof, you can enjoy a high and unrestricted view with full privacy. The design with outward angled walls makes for a roomy interior with a roof height of 102 cm and plenty of space for people and equipment. The window is easy to open and fasten for airing and the mosquito net will keep the insects out.

The tent canopy is made from polyester with ripstop strengthening, a two-dimensional structure where thicker fibre is woven into thinner fabric, making the fabric more resilient and with less risk of rips spreading. The fabric is water-repellent and has sealed seams, designed to work in all seasons. The tent also comes with a removal rainfly.

The tent is transported in a rainproof cover on the roof and fastens easily and securely to the roof rack with lockable mounting brackets, thus reducing the risk of theft. The ladder is stored under the cover, with the rainfly on top and the mattress stays in the tent, so you don't lose any of your car's cargo area.

Fitting the tent on the roof rack is easy and only takes a few minutes. Unfolding the tent is also quick. Open and remove the travel cover, then using the ladder, unfold the floor and the tent will automatically unfold.

The tent should be stored in an upright or horizontal position in a dry, cool place, preferably on something soft and away from direct sunlight. The tent should be cleaned before storing.

The roof tent has gone through very rigorous climate, temperature, wind and rain testing, as well as crash tests.

Part. No.

Recommended accessory: Load carrier

Facts and advantages

  • Tried and tested for Volvo cars with a max. roof weight of 300 kg static weight, i.e. when the car is stationary.

  • Comfortable, flat floor to sleep on.

  • Easy fitting and folding/unfolding of tent.

  • The tent and ladder are stored under a protective cover during transit.

  • Thoroughly tested with Volvo's load carriers.

  • Straps and mounting brackets included.

  • Lockable mounting brackets for quick fit.

  • Sturdy structure and reinforced canopy, designed for adventure.

  • The rainfly and mattress can remain in the tent when folded away.

  • Mattress and rainfly included.

Technical data

Basic structure:

Welded aluminium tube with insulation and aluminium cap sheet


Tent canopy: Breathable, 600D (denier) polyester with ripstop

Rainfly: Polyester + PU

Travel cover: 600D Polyester + Non-P PVC

Waterproof rating/water column:

Tent canopy: 1500 mm

Rainfly: 2000 mm

Travel cover: 5000 mm


Dark slate

Accessory's total weight:

58 kg (130 lbs)

Max. load on roof while driving:

Dynamic weight V90, V90 Cross Country, XC90, XC60, EX90:

100 kg (220 lbs)

Dynamic weight XC40, V60, V60 Cross Country:

75 kg (170 lbs)

Static weight capacity (Max. weight stationary):

300 kg (660 lbs)

Speed limit:

130 km/h (80 mph)

Dimensions when unfolded:

240 × 143 × 102 cm

Dimensions when folded:

124 × 143 × 28 cm

Sleeping area:

240 x 130 cm

Max. inside height:

102 cm




The roof tent is available in Sweden and will be available globally later in June/July.


Depending on the car model the car's load carriers can hold a max. weight of 75 kg or 100 kg while driving. With the car parked and the tent unfolded, thee car can carry up to 300 kg. Remember that the max. weight includes the tent's weight of 58 kg and the weight of the load carriers. To avoid overloading the car, it is important to check the specific weight capacity for the car model in the owner's manual.


Max. speed 130 km/h.


If the car key is stored in the tent, the car will be in unlocked status if automatic opening/locking is switched on.


The tent should be cleaned before storing. Store in a dry, cool place, preferably on something soft and away from direct sunlight.

Last updated: 7/2/2024