Body kit

Body kit

Op. No.: 89164

An exclusive body kit with an expressive design that stresses the car's sporty appearance in an elegant way.

The kit replaces existing components and so becomes an integrated unit in the car's body design. The kit consists of front and rear spoilers and side skirts and cannot be combined with mudflaps.

Can be combined with Chassis kit with lowering, see Chassis kit, lowering.

Cautious driving is recommended on gravel roads as there is a risk that the painted side skirts can be damaged.

Can be combined with towbar, cutout guidelines are on rear spoiler.

The kit is only available in the primer painted version.

+ Adhesive
Part. No.
+ Jack
Part. No.Description
30647016excl. AWD
+ Jack manual
Part. No.Description
31276544excl. AWD

Technical data


PUR (polyurethane)


001 (Primed)

Accessory weight:

11 kg (24 lbs)


The kit replaces existing products and is fitted in existing holes. The side skirts are replaced with new ones that are taped and bonded.


To obtain the correct airflow around the car and so avoid compromising the driving characteristics the boot lid spoiler must be fitted on cars equipped with the Volvo original body kit.

Last updated: 4/24/2019