2011 L.H.D

Leather steering wheel

Leather steering wheel
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Op. No.: 64126

A 3-spoked leather steering wheel with sporty design. The steering wheel has an anatomically shaped rim, with pronounced thumb supports and dynamic grip, as well as an exclusive and comfy leather for a good driving experience. The steering wheel comes in two leather covered versions: Charcoal with decor panel in Silk metal, and a two tone steering wheel in a more dynamic version in Charcoal/Soft Beige and decor panel in Silk metal.

With decor panel in Silk metal

Part. No.Description

Two tone dynamic steering wheel with decor panel in Silk metal

Part. No.Description
31390472Charcoal/Soft Beige

Facts and advantages

  • Colour coded and harmonised with the rest of the interior.

  • Collision tested and fulfils all legal requirements.

  • The airbag module and keypads must be transferred from the existing steering wheel.

  • Same airbag module for both 3 and 4 spoked wheels.

Technical data



Charcoal/Soft Beige

Accessory weight:

1.8 kg (4.0 lbs)


376 mm


VCC_21002, VCC_21001


"Steering wheel in leather" does not support the functions for heating and gear shift paddles. It is not possible to use this steering wheel to replace a heated steering wheel or heated steering wheel with gear shift paddles.


For cars manufactured up to and including model year 2011, 3 spoke steering wheels cannot replace 4 spoke steering wheels with RTI.

Last updated: 4/28/2022