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Gear shift knob, leather, AUT

Gear shift knob, leather, AUT
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Op. No.: 43228

A gear shift knob for cars with automatic transmission. It is covered with high quality leather and has "Silk Metal" panels on the sides that match the other "Silk Metal" panels fitted as standard.

Part. No.Description
30756902Charcoal, G100, G107, G600, G000Installation Instruction
30756901Soft Beige, G112, G116, G612, G012Installation Instruction

Facts and advantages

  • Gear shift knob for automatic transmission cars in high quality leather

  • Exclusive "Silk Metal" panels on the side sections of the knob

  • Colour coded and harmonised with the rest of the interior, available in two colours; Charcoal and Soft Beige

  • Suits all interior equipment options

  • Easy to fit.

Technical data


Leather, plastic



Soft Beige

Colour code table - Upholstery/Interior

Colour code


G100, G600, G000



Offblack/Lemon Green

G112, G612, G012

Soft Beige


Soft Beige/Espresso Brown

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