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Electric engine heater

Electric engine heater

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An electric engine heater and passenger compartment heater ensure that the car is warm and comfortable to climb into, even on very cold winter days. Starting an already warm engine subjects the engine to less wear and consumes less fuel, thereby producing fewer harmful exhaust fumes.

The front socket is mounted in the front bumper, which gives an integrated impression and makes it easily accessible. The engine heater can be supplemented with a passenger compartment connection kit which allows connection of a passenger compartment heater.

Part. No.Description
31454379DieselInstallation Instruction
31664064Gasoline, Ch 98-
Electric engine heater (Vehicles with fuel operated auxiliary heater)Installation Instruction
Electric engine heater (Vehicles without fuel operated auxiliary heater)Installation Instruction

Used when installing electric engine heaters for cars with petrol engine without fuel heater.

+ Heating hose outlet
Part. No.
+ Heating hose inlet
Part. No.
+ Intermediate connector hose
Part. No.


Passenger compartment connector kit

Part. No.
31650479Installation Instruction

Facts and advantages

  • Less engine wear.

  • Lower fuel consumption.

Technical data


550 W

Accessory weight:

Electric engine heater kit 230 V

1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)

Passenger compartment connector kit

0.9 kg (2.0 lbs)




For cars with petrol engines without a fuel heater, an electric engine heater can only be installed for the following countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

For petrol cars manufactured from and including Ch-77668 it is not possible to combine electric engine heater with fuel heater.


The ideal preheating time with an electric engine heater is 2-3 hours. This is enough to raise the temperature of the engine to 20-30 °C above the outside temperature. After that the temperature does not increase and the electric current is used only to maintain the temperature.


Cannot be combined with Volvo's battery charger.

Last updated: 2/25/2022