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Rearward facing child seat

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For children between 9 kg and 25 kg, approx. 9 months to 6 years old. Volvo recommends that your child should sit facing backwards in the car to at least 4 years of age.

With the child seat's unique headrest and deep side supports the child not only travels in comfort but also safely.

The elegant and unique Volvo upholstery is manufactured in 80% wool, which means that your child sits very comfortably in the seat. Wool is not just a strong, soft and natural material, but it also has very good characteristics in terms of maintaining an even and comfortable temperature.

Thanks to excellent breathability, the wool helps your child to adjust body temperature in both hot and cold conditions. The luxurious upholstery also matches the car's interior very well.

As always when it comes to Volvo, no compromise on safety has been made, which means that the seat meets Volvo's stringent safety requirements.

Two retaining straps included and are mounted on the reverse of the child seat and anchored to mounting eyelets on the car floor. The retaining straps are fitted with snap hooks that facilitate anchoring.

Tip: More than one car? Purchase extra retaining straps and mount them to facilitate moving the child seat between vehicles.

Part. No.
+ Rear facing installation of child seat in the front seat with seat belt attachment1
Part. No.Description
31470889LHD, Mounting eyelets in floorInstallation Instruction


Retaining strap with lock

Part. No.

Facts and advantages

  • Elegant and comfortable wool, for optimum comfort in both hot and cold climates.

  • High side panels and deep shaped seat give optimal protection in the event of a collision.

  • The upholstery is removable and washable.

  • Rear facing placement for children 9-25 kg (Group 1,2), approximately 9 months to 6 years.

  • The five-point harness and head restraint are easily adjustable to different height positions.

  • Integrated support legs that can be used in permitted places in the car.

  • The seat is secured using the seat belt together with the retaining straps and the child is secured using the integrated seat belt.

  • Approved and meets requirements according to UN R44.

  • Approved up to 25 kg according to the Swedish Plus test.

Technical data



Accessory weight:

7.0 kg (15 lbs)

Dimensions, height x width x depth:

64 x 45 x 64 cm


Machine washable at 30°C, wool program


VCC09989_black, VCC09940_black, VCC09767_black


Must not be installed in the front seat if the car is fitted with an activated passenger airbag.

The tablet holder cannot be used in combination with rearward facing child seat.


Regulations regarding the placement of children in the car and the type of child seat to be used may vary from country to country. Find out what applies in your country.

To see where in your car the child seat can be fitted, see the owner's manual for the car and the list enclosed with the child seat for approved positions.


This accessory is only available in certain countries. You should therefore contact your local Volvo dealership before ordering.

  1. For markets that do not have factory-fitted mounting eyelets.
Last updated: 9/19/2023