2018 L.H.D

Exterior Styling, general description

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To make your car even more personal, Volvo has developed a styling kit that enhances the visual look of the car. This styling kit makes your car even more dynamic and exclusive.

The accessories are offered in three matt versions; classic Silver, dynamic Iron stone and exclusive Terra bronze. These allow you to further personalise your car.

The following accessories are part of Exterior Styling:

1. Decor spoiler, front bumper

A styling element at the front of the car that further enhances the dynamic and exclusive character of the car, see Front spoiler decor.

2. Side scuff plates

To balance the dynamic and exclusive design language of the front, this styling element has been developed for the car's sides, which, in terms of design, connects the car's front and rear; see Side scuff plate.

3. Diffuser and Integrated End pipes

A diffuser that is designed to always be combination with double integrated end pipes with chrome finish. Together they give the rear of the car a more dynamic appearance, see Rear diffuser.

4. Aluminium rim "Modin" 8 x 18"

A dynamic and exclusive wheel, available in three "diamond cut" versions, that match the other styling products in both design and colour, see Aluminium rim "Modin" 8 x 18".

Last updated: 3/7/2024