2018 L.H.D

Double integrated end pipes

Double integrated end pipes
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Op. No.: 25206

Double integrated end pipes in stainless steel with chrome finish, which further increases the car's sporting and exclusive character.

Part. No.
31373534Installation Instruction
+ Bracket kit
Part. No.Description
3137359116-, T4 (B4204T19)
3137359116-, T3 (B4204T37, B4154T4)
3137359116-, D3 (D4204T9)
3137359116-, D2 (D4204T8, D4204T20)
+ Connection pipe
Part. No.Description
3139933316-, T4 (B4204T19)Installation Instruction
3139933316-, T3 (B4204T37)Installation Instruction
3139933316-, T3 (B4154T4)Installation Instruction
+ Exhaust system
Part. No.Description
3141476216-, D3 (D4204T9)
3141476216-, D2 (D4204T8, D4204T20)

Facts and advantages

  • Gives your car a sporty and elegant appearance

Technical data


Stainless steel

Accessory weight

1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)


Not suitable for R-design.

Last updated: 4/28/2022