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Front parking assistance

Front parking assistance

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Op. No.: 36630

"Front parking assistance" is an excellent system that warns of obstructions when you have limited space in front of the car, for example with tight parking.

The system is activated when the speed falls below 15 km/h. A signal indicates the distance to the object in front of the car. When an object is indicated, the radio's/stereo's sound level is muted and a pulsating "buzzer tone" comes from the car's front speakers. The tone starts to sound when approx. 80 cm (59 in) remains to an obstacle and becomes a constant tone when the obstacle is approx. 30 cm (12 in) from the front bumper. The remaining distance is also displayed on the multimedia display in the centre console.

In order to differentiate between the front and rear systems, different tone frequencies are used and the sound comes from different speakers, front or rear.

The kit consists of wiring and four sensors mounted in the front. Parking assistance can be disabled in traffic jams or the like by pressing the button in the centre console.

This system can produce "false" signals as a reaction to external sound sources with the same frequency as the system's sensors. Typical sources are the horn, wet tires on asphalt, air brakes and motorcycle exhaust pipes.

Part. No.Description
Parking assistance, front, R-designInstallation Instruction
Parking assistance, frontInstallation Instruction
+ Control module
Part. No.Description
+ Lower air grille with cradle
Part. No.Description
3132385914-, Air grille
3139938214-, Cradle
+ Cover - for cars with standard front
Part. No.Description
3132384814-, Cover left
3132384914-, Cover right
+ Cover - for cars with Decor trim, chrome
Part. No.Description
3132385214-, Cover left
3132385314-, Cover right
+ Fog lamp cover with cradle - for R-design
Part. No.Description
3138315214-, Fog lamp cover left
3138315314-, Fog lamp cover right
3139938014-, Cradle
+ Application1
Part. No.

Facts and advantages

  • Makes you aware of obstacles when parallel parking or the like

Technical data

Accessory weight:

1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)




"Front parking assistance" can only be used in combination with "Rear parking assistance".

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
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