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Op. No.: 33442

Alcoguard is an integrated, user-friendly and reliable alcohol lock based on advanced fuel cell technology.

The unique Alcoguard is integrated in the car's electronics. The alcohol meter is connected to the car by cable and is heated ready for use in 10 seconds1. To shorten the waiting time, heating starts when the central locking is activated. When the driver blows into the alcohol meter the result is shown the car's driver display.

When the driver exhales, Alcoguard will give a green light if the reading is below 0.1 permille / 0.01 BAC. If the result is above 0.1 permille / 0.01 BAC but below the set permille limit (programmed at installation according to specific market requirements), Alcoguard will display a yellow light. The car can be driven but the driver is recommended to wait for the green light. Alcoguard shows a red light and the car cannot be started if the result is above the programmed permille limit.

Once the engine has been stopped, it can be restarted within 30 minutes without providing a new breath sample.

The handset unit can be bypassed to operate the vehicle in emergency situations, or if the handset is missing. During installation you select whether it should be possible to bypass the alcohol lock either once "single bypass" or an unlimited number of times "multiple bypass".

The cradle for the Alcohol lock handset is installed in the car's tunnel console, alternatively in the storage compartment behind the centre console.

Alcoguard handset

Part. No.
31408818Installation Instruction
+ Installation kit
Part. No.
+ Cable harness kit
Part. No.
+ Butyl tape
Part. No.
+ Application2
Part. No.Description
31260702Emergency function, single bypass
31260701Multiple bypass


Part. No.Description
31254752A kit of 10 nozzles
31316175A kit of 250 nozzles

Facts and advantages

  • The handset is easy to use.

  • If the breathalyser test shows an alcohol content above the programmed limit the car cannot be started.

  • Bypass in the car, i.e. the system gives an opportunity to start the car in an emergency situation.

  • A set of 10 nozzles supplied with the handset.

  • PC software can be purchased to read the log data.

Technical data




At installation, the system requires calibrating. Calibration and activation information can be obtained from technical journals.


For new markets, new alcohol limits apply, the limits for the alcohol lock are set at first calibration when the lock is also activated.


Not possible in combination with keyless cars.

Not possible in combination with camera-BLIS.

  1. At low temperatures it can take a little longer.
  2. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
Last updated: 4/24/2019