2018 L.H.D

Sports pedals

Sports pedals
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Op. No.: 88035

A bold and essential choice to create a sporty and exclusive interior.

A styling element that gives prominence to the pedal area and heightens the sportiness and exclusivity of the interior. Designed in harmony with other interior elements, but is still clearly visible.

Part. No.Description
3147077516-, MT, Ch 010648-, LHDInstallation Instruction
3147077616-, AT, Ch 010648-, LHDInstallation Instruction

Facts and advantages

  • Mainly manufactured of brushed aluminium.

  • Easy installation through replacing the existing pedal rubber.

  • Designed in perfect harmony with other interior products. Can be combined perfectly with sport steering wheels, sport gear shift knobs, sill moldings and sport mats.

Technical data


Aluminium and rubber



Last updated: 4/28/2022