2019 L.H.D

Decor panel

Decor panel
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Op. No.: 88132 88125

Good-looking interior kits in exclusive materials that give the passenger compartment a luxurious impression.

Centre console, for cars with Four-C button

Part. No.Description
31403566Piano Black, LHD
9210159Aluminium, LHD
8632424Shimmer Graphite, LHD
30791376Urbane Wood, LHD
31469167Milled Aluminium, LHD

Centre console, for cars without Four-C button

Part. No.Description
31403564Piano Black, LHD
9210158Aluminium, LHD
8632423Shimmer Graphite, LHD
30791307Urbane Wood, LHD
31469172Milled Aluminium, LHD

Facts and advantages

  • Aluminium: Centre console in aluminium.

  • Shimmer Graphite: Centre console in aluminium.

  • Urbane Wood: Centre console in reconstructed wood, glossy.

  • Piano Black: Centre console in wood.

Technical data


Plastic carrier with reconstructed wood, paint and aluminium

Accessory weight:

0.8 kg (1.8 lbs)


VCC_20999, VCC_20983

Last updated: 4/28/2022