2013 L.H.D

Luggage compartment cover

Luggage compartment cover
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Op. No.: 88234

A hard luggage compartment cover that conceals bags and other objects in the load compartment.

It has soft lines, matches the interior of the car well and reduces the risk of theft as any cargo is not visible from the outside. The luggage compartment cover has a folding hatch that gives access to the compartment under the cover. In the folded up position the hatch can rest on the upper parcel shelf section of the cover. The panel is easily to install using snap fasteners, which also makes to easy to remove the cover. The luggage compartment cover is not designed to carry loads on top of the shelf. When the luggage compartment cover is installed, you still have access to the compartment under the floor.

For full concealment of the load compartment, you also need the armrest between the rear seats, see Rear seat armrest.

Part. No.Description
39865797Off black, 5X7X, 5XBX, 5AFC, 5XCX
39868194Ch 190000-, Espresso

Facts and advantages

  • Conceals luggage

  • Colour coordinated to match the interior of the car.

  • Easy to install with snap fasteners

Technical data

Accessory weight:

3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)




Espresso or Off black


VCC_01724, vccpartners

Colour code table - Upholstery/Interior

Colour code


5X7X, 5XBX, 5AFC






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