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Side decor

Side decor
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Op. No.: 84156

An accessory that enhances the car's exclusive image.

A discreetly integrated and colour-matched Side decor, which is also equipped with exclusive metallic moldings at the bottom edge, enhances the entire car's exclusive image in a manner that is both tasteful and elegant.

The product is offered in all colours and supplied either pre-painted or primed for post painting.

Part. No.Description
30794160PrimedInstallation Instruction
30794026Silver metallic, 426Installation Instruction
+ Primer1
Part. No.Description
1161727Excl. CN

Facts and advantages

  • Enhances the car's already exclusive appearance

  • Integrated lower strip, metal look

  • Installed in existing holes from the side mouldings and with double-sided tape.

Technical data


PUR (polyuretan)

Accessory weight:

6.5 kg (14 lbs)




Not offered pre-painted in all colours. In cases where a colour is missing, order unpainted and post-paint in the desired colour.


Cannot be combined with fender extensions. When these are fitted as standard from and including model year 2011, these must be first removed before installing Side decor.

  1. Necessary for optimal adhesion to the body.
Last updated: 4/28/2022