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Plug-in Hybrid/Twin Engine

Pre-conditioning your Plug-in Hybrid/Twin Engine before departure makes your trip enjoyable from the start.

By pre-conditioning your Plug-in Hybrid/Twin Engine, you reduce your car's energy needs during the journey, which extends the vehicle's range in electric mode. Therefore, use pre-conditioning to be able to use the battery power1 for operation.

In cold climates, the fuel-driven heater heats the engine and the passenger compartment. The electric-driven heater only heats the passenger compartment prior to a journey. In hot climates, the AC system cools the passenger compartment. When the passenger compartment is pre-conditioned, the car works to reach the comfort temperature and not according to the set temperature in the climate system.

Pre-conditioning can be activated in a number of ways: directly via the information display, via mobile phone, with the car's clock or via the function Remote start, pre-conditioning, car key

It is possible to pre-condition the car when parked indoors or outdoors. When "Indoor parking" is selected, only the electric-driven heater is activated. When "Outdoor parking" is selected the fuel-driven heater is also permitted during pre-conditioning.

Pre-conditioning when the car is connected to mains power. Heating/cooling can be for up to 50 minutes. For extra comfort, seat heating for both front seats can also be activated during pre-conditioning.

Pre-conditioning when the car is not connected to mains power. If menu option "Outdoor parking" is selected, heating can be for up to 50 minutes. Cooling of the passenger compartment occurs for 2-3 minutes regardless of menu option "Outdoor parking" or "Indoor parking".

When the car is not connected to mains power, only one cooling period can be activated. Thereafter a normal engine start must be made before the next period can be activated.

+ Application2
Part. No.Description
31414363Plug-in Hybrid/Twin Engine


Only for the V60 Plug-in Hybrid/Twin Engine.


In the event of limited charging time, pre-conditioning can be deselected.


The fuel-driven heater emits exhaust gases, therefore, do not use it indoors in unventilated areas.

  1. If the car is cooled when it is not connected to mains power, pre-conditioning energy is taken from the hybrid battery
  2. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
Last updated: 4/28/2022