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Integrated running board

Integrated running board

Workshop installation recommended

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Op. No.: 84136

An exclusive and stylish running board that enhances the car's luxurious look. "Integrated running board" makes it easy to enter and exit the car and to load the car's roof.

The running board is mainly made of strong aluminium for the lowest possible weight and high strength, which can withstand 300 kg. The surface of the running board consists of stainless steel and everything is framed by an exterior colour-matched plastic panel. To reduce the risk of slipping on the running board, rubber anti-slip protection is integrated in the metal section. The running board replaces the car's standard fitted sill mouldings.

Part. No.Description
40013598Grundlackerad, 001Installation Instruction
40013608Crystal White Pearl, 707
40013613Onyx Black, 717
40013618Denim Blue, 723
40013623Platinum Grey, 731
40013628Silver Dawn, 735
40013633Bright Dusk, 736
40013638Vapour Grey, 740

Facts and advantages

  • Facilitates access to the roof when loading and unloading, washing, etc.

  • Well integrated in the lower sill area with an exclusive brushed stainless steel surface with raised rubber edges to minimise the risk of slipping.

  • Does not prevent use of the jack.

  • Withstands loads up to 300 kg.

Technical data


Aluminium, steel and plastic

Accessory weight:

9,7 kg/side

Withstands a load of:

300 kg/side


Full version-VCC13556_Runningboard_Update


If the desired colour is not listed, select primed 001.


For the best finish over time, we recommend that all metal parts are cleaned and waxed on a regular basis. This is particularly important during winter due to the effects of road salt. To clean and maintain plastic parts, a special cleaning agent is recommended, which is available at your local Volvo dealer.

Last updated: 4/29/2024