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Fender extension

Fender extension
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Op. No.: 82520

A colour-coded fender extension that is designed in line with other expressive exterior details that are integrated into the bodywork. Areas of the fender extension that are more vulnerable, such as to dirt and stone chips, for example, remain unpainted for practical reasons. Otherwise the new fender extension is painted the same colour as the car, which creates a more sophisticated SUV-feel.

Made of plastic and supplied in a kit including four fender extensions for the front and rear wheel housings.

Part. No.Description
39844135-22, Ice White, 614Installation Instruction
39844153Electric Silver, 477Installation Instruction
39844162Ember Black, 487Installation Instruction
39844171-22, Savile Grey, 492Installation Instruction
39844180Twilight Bronze, 700Installation Instruction
39844189Crystal White Pearl, 707Installation Instruction
39844198-22, Bright Silver Metallic, 711Installation Instruction
39844207Osmium Grey, 714Installation Instruction
39844216Onyx Black, 717Installation Instruction
39844636Olackerad, 001Installation Instruction
39846897Maple Brown, 722Installation Instruction
39846898Denim Blue, 723Installation Instruction
39846899-22, Pine Grey, 724Installation Instruction
39797852-22, Birch light, 726Installation Instruction
39797857-22, Pebble Grey, 727Installation Instruction
39797862-23, Thunder Grey, 728Installation Instruction
40009088Platinum Grey, 731Installation Instruction
40009097Silver Dawn, 735Installation Instruction
40009106Bright Dusk, 736Installation Instruction

Facts and advantages

  • Installed in existing holes.

Technical data


Patterned plastic PP-EPDM


Partly car's colour and partly anthracite

Accessory weight:

2.4 kg (5.3 lbs)


Changes in the external dimensions of a vehicle with European type approval is, in principle, not allowed. There are markets that accept changes to vehicles with type approval. Such markets require national registration inspections.


Fender extensions must be used if the car is equipped with 275 mm wide tyres.

Fender extensions are standard on vehicles built between chassis numbers 009829 - 029405.

Last updated: 4/22/2024