2007 R.H.D


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Excl. IL

Op. No.: 36628 36607

A complete alarm system for your V70, V70 R, XC70

The movement sensor triggers the alarm when movement is detected in the passenger compartment. A valuable addition to the basic equipment.

The level sensor triggers the alarm if the position of the car changes, for example in the event of attempted wheel theft or an attempt to tow the car away.

Using the electric switch, it is possible to turn off alarm sensors as well as the BLL-function. Used to avoid accidental triggering of the alarm, e.g., if the dog is left in the car or when travelling on a ferry. (The button is standard on cars with BLL.)

Alarm system1

Part. No.Description
9438247Excl. BE

Keyset JPN, see Personal car settings.

+ Siren
Part. No.Description
9499758with battery back-up (Illustration 1)
+ Alarm diode
Part. No.Description

Switch2(Illustration 2)

Part. No.Description
+ Keypad, 7 in-line3
Part. No.Description

Movement sensor4(Image 3) See table below for chassis number

Part. No.Description
8698727Ch 297095-
30710979Ch -297094
+ ApplicationĀ¹
Part. No.

Level sensor (Illustration 4)

Part. No.
9472105Installation Instruction
+ ApplicationĀ¹
Part. No.
Week/Chassis limitation


Chassis number

V70, V70 R, (FC1):

Ch 287288-

V70, V70 R, (FC1):

Ch 286152-


Ch 95105-


V70, V70 R, (FC1):

Ch -287287

V70, V70 R, (FC2):

Ch -286151


Ch -95104

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
  2. Only if not fitted.
  3. Only required if all three buttons on the control panel on the center console are occupied by other functions when installing the alarm.
  4. BE, NL, LU (MC 20) only.
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