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Alcohol lock software

Alcohol lock software
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Op. No.: 33445-2

"Alcohol lock software" is software that makes it possible to activate a connected alcohol lock device that interacts with the car's functions. A car that is equipped with an alcohol lock system will then not be possible to start if the air exhaled by the driver contains alcohol above the permitted limits. Through the integration with the car's functions, you also get instructions and messages directly in the car's centre display such as, for example, when the car will be able to be started.

This allows you to receive instructions and messages from the alcohol lock in the car's main display. This may be information such as that the engine is ready to start or that you need to take a breath test.

Application, only for cars with factory fitted option code 601 ("Alcohol lock preparation")1

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Facts and advantages

  • This software makes it possible to connect a separate alcohol lock device that interacts with the car.

  • You can read instructions and messages in the car's main display.

Technical data




The car must be factory-fitted with option prep 601 (VDN 2N02) in order to install "Alcohol lock software".


"Alcohol lock software" is only a preparation and must be supplemented with an alcohol lock system. Compatible systems are Dräger and ACS Corporation Alcohol Countermeasure Systems. Visit the relevant manufacturer's website or contact your Volvo dealer for more information.

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
Last updated: 4/22/2024