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Dog gate

Dog gate
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Op. No.: 88220

The dog gate has a unique design that means it is the ideal fit for the car's cargo area. In combination with a protective grille and the load compartment divider, one or two separate dog areas are created. There is a gate for the right and left-hand side respectively. It is also possible to have gates on both sides. The gate is easy to open, close and remove from the car and is lockable using a key.

The dog gate has a locking handle which means that you have can the boot lid open at the same time that the dog cage is locked. The dog gets fresh air without needing to leave the car.

Part. No.Description
31470139Right-hand sideInstallation Instruction
31470140Left-hand sideInstallation Instruction

Facts and advantages

  • Attractive Volvo design.

  • Easy to fit and remove.

  • Meets Volvo's stringent collision safety requirements.

  • Lockable (two keys included).

  • Volvo marked.

Technical data





Accessory weight:

4,7 kg

Dimensions, dog gate opening (width x height):

355 x 562 mm




The third row of seats cannot be used when the dog gate is installed.


Cannot be used in combination with:

- "Reversible load compartment mat"

- "All-weather load compartment mat"

- "Load securing net – load compartment"

- "Automatic luggage compartment cover"


For cars from and including model year 2022 with chassis number 808385-, not suitable for "Load compartment divider – longitudinal" together with "Bag holder for load compartment".

Last updated: 8/30/2023