Towbar, wiring

Towbar, wiring

Op. No.: 36401

A specially designed power cable kit for S80, S60, S60 R, V70, V70 R and XC70.

The cable kit contains cable harness with plug socket and a connector for connecting the car. The cable kit is specially designed for the car's electrical system. The connection in the plug socket is thoroughly corrosion protected to withstand external stresses.

Cars for the EU market are prepared for connecting the cable kit, which simplifies installation. The 7-pin connector allows you to choose from the following additional functions:

  • Connection of rear fog lights on the trailer

  • Connection of back up lights on the trailer

  • Plus feed 20 A, power supply for e.g. caravan battery trickle charging

The 13-pin connector allows you to use all of the above functions simultaneously.

Part. No.Description
306819801. Basic kit 7-pin
86338872. Basic kit 13-pin
30681980S60 R, 1. Basic kit 7-pin
8633887S60 R, 2. Basic kit 13-pin
+ Relay1
Part. No.Description
8651661For cars without plus feed, 7-pin (2 kits required)
8651661S60 R, For cars without plus feed, 7-pin (2 kits required)
+ Relay2
Part. No.Description
30765041For cars without plus feed, 7- pin
30765041S60 R, For cars without plus feed, 7-pin
+ Relay kit3
Part. No.Description
8698658Relay kit brake light
8685759Relay kit plus feed
8651661Relay kit rear fog lamp
8698658S60 R, Relay kit, brake light
8685759S60 R, Relay kit, plus feed
8651661S60 R, Relay kit, rear fog lamp

Rear fog lamp, Application4

Part. No.Description
9438244For switching off rear fog lamp
9438244S60 R, For switching off rear fog lamp

Technical data

Accessory weight:

13-pin: approx. 1 kg

7-pin: approx. 0.5 kg

Week/chassis demarcation


Chassis number


Ch -280646

S60, S60 R:

Ch -193005

V70, V70 R, (FC1):

Ch -259189

V70, V70 R, (FC2):

Ch -257483


Ch -81333


V70, V70 R, (FC1):

Ch -201613

V70, V70 R, (FC2):

Ch -198642


Ch -58902

  1. Only applies to cars built -W0225.
  2. Only applies to V70 built -W0147.
  3. Only applies to S80 with Ch 335090-.
  4. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
Last updated: 6/30/2020