Fender extension

Fender extension

Op. No.: 82520

A fender extension that is partly colour-matched. Areas on the fender extension that are more exposed to, e.g., dirt and stone chips, are not painted for practical reasons. Otherwise the new fender extension is painted in the car's body colour, which creates a more sophisticated SUV-feel for your car.

Designed to coordinate with other expressive exterior components integrated in the body.

Made of plastic and supplied in a kit including four fender extensions for front and rear wheel housings.

Part. No.Description
39852970Primed , 001

Facts and advantages

  • Installed in existing holes

Technical data


Patterned plastic PP-EPDM


Car's colour, partly anthracite

Accessory weight:

2.4 kg (5.3 lbs)




Cannot be mounted in combination with Side decor.


Changes in the external dimensions of a vehicle with European type approval is, in principle, not allowed. There are markets that accept changes to vehicles with type approval. Such markets require national registration inspections.


Fitted as standard from and including model year 2011.

Last updated: 4/24/2019