Exterior Styling Kit

Excl. AR, BR, CA, CL, CN, EE, IN, ID, IL, KW, LV, LB, LT, MY, MX, MM, PH, PR, RU, SA, TH, TW, TR, UA, US, VN

Op. No.: 89163

The styling offer consists of colour matched and uniquely designed bottom sill, colour matched deflectors, unique exhaust end pipes and a black rear diffuser.

This styling kit enables you to further personalise the car. There are two options depending on which standard car you have.

Together with the unique 20" optional wheels that have been developed for use with this styling kit, an exclusive whole is created. The offer also makes the car look lower and more dynamic.

Bottom sill

Part. No.Description
39799100Black Stone, 019
39799115Saville Grey, 492
39799110Ice White, 614
39799120Crystal White Pearl, 707
39799125Bright Silver Metallic, 711
39799130Osmium Grey, 714
39792621Onyx Black, 717
39799162Bursting Blue, 720
39799167Maple Brown, 722
39799172Denim Blue, 723
39799177Pine Grey, 724
39799140Fusion Red, 725
39799145Birch Light, 726
39799150Pebble Grey, 727
40002752Thunder Grey , 728
+ Deflector
Part. No.Description
39793402Black Stone, 019
39793405Saville Grey, 492
39793404Ice White, 614
39793406Crystal White Pearl, 707
39793407Bright Silver Metallic, 711
39793408Osmium Grey, 714
39793409Onyx Black, 717
39793410Bursting Blue, 720
39793411Maple Brown, 722
39793412Denim Blue, 723
39793413Pine Grey, 724
39793414Fusion Red, 725
39793415Birch Light, 726
39793416Pebble Grey, 727
40006912 Thunder Grey, 728

Double integrated end pipes (for cars with standard integrated end pipes)

Double integrated end pipes and diffuser (for cars with one or two round end pipes)

Facts and advantages

  • The offer makes the car look lower and more dynamic.

Technical data

Accessory weight

Bottom sill + Deflector:

5,4 kg


VCC12195, VCC12194, VCC12197


"Exterior styling kit" cannot be used in combination with "Mudflaps".

Last updated: 10/4/2021