2009 L.H.D

Auxiliary lights

Auxiliary lights
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Op. No.: 35612

Part. No.Description
8671036Auxiliary lights, Hella Comet 200 (x 1)

Auxiliary lights, installation kit

Part. No.
30772048Installation Instruction
+ Keypad panel, 7-in a row1
Part. No.Description

Facts and advantages

  • Gives better light pattern thanks to clear glass and FriForm designed reflectors, which give up to 50,000 reflector points and direct the light with greater precision.

  • A complete kit for two vertical auxiliary lights in front of the grille.

  • Easily installed using the harness adapted to the car's electrical system

  • 55W H3 bulbs and stone-chip protection are included in the kit.

  • Make sure there is sufficient free space in the button panel before installation

  • Special drill bit 8633152 is required for installation (the drill bit can be used for several installations)

Technical data

Accessory weight:

2 kg (4.4 lbs) (complete kit)

Light output:

55 W



  1. Only required if all buttons in the center console control panel are already in use.
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