Canoe/kayak holder

Canoe/kayak holder
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Op. No.: 89172

The perfect holder for transporting a canoe or kayak on the car's roof. The angle of the holders can be adjusted by a simple hand operation, which means that they can be adapted to fit a number of different types of hull.

Part. No.Description
31399390Incl. retaining straps

Facts and advantages

  • Made from black painted steel.

  • Rubber-lined inside to minimize the risk of chafing.

  • Complete kit for transporting a canoe/kayak.

  • Suits both rectangular profiles and T-tracks.

  • Heavy-duty straps hold the kayak/canoe in position.

  • Surrounding rubber protection protects the canoe/kayak and car from being scratched when loading.

Technical data





Accessory weight:

2.7 kg (6.0 lbs)

Max. speed limitation:

130 km/h (80 mph)



Last updated: 5/12/2021