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iPad® holder

iPad® holder

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Volvo's iPad® holder makes it possible to use your iPad® in the rear seat in an ergonomic way. Take your iPad® with you to the car and enjoy its functions and apps while travelling. Angle the holder to the desired position, listen to music, watch a film, read email or surf the web. Volvo's iPad® holder helps make all this possible.

It is easy to dock your iPad® in the iPad® holder and all wiring is carefully integrated in the front seat. In addition to iPad® charging, the head restraint kit also allows simultaneous charging of, for example, a telephone thanks to two USB ports per docking unit.

The iPad® holder has been crash tested and meets Volvo's stringent safety requirements.

In order for the offer to be complete, the following needs to be ordered: 2 optional holders (two different types or two of the same type), 1 head restraint kit (contains two head restraints: one for each seat), 2 head restraint cushions and a fuse box. If you have chosen "Holder for iPad Pro 10,5", iPad Air 10.5", for customers who want to replace a previous unit", 2 chargers and 2 cable kits also need to be ordered.

We currently do not offer holders for iPad Pro 12.9" and iPad Pro 11".

Holder for iPad Pro 10.5", iPad Air 10.5"

Part. No.Description
32204956Charcoal Solid

Holder for iPad Air 1-2, iPad Pro 9.7", iPad 5th-6th Generation

Part. No.Description
31659246Charcoal Solid

Holder for iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 5

Part. No.Description
31659247Charcoal Solid
+ Head restraint kit
Part. No.Description
3226198721-, Charcoal Solid, RC00, RA00, R300, R100, RG0R, RGAR, RC30, RA30, RC20, R471, R4A1Installation Instruction
3226198821-, Blond, RC40, UC00, UA00, UE00, U310Installation Instruction
+ Head restraint cushion
Part. No.Description
32261661Amber, RC20
32261662Blond, RC40, U310, UC00, R471
31685110Blond, UE00, UA00
31685109Charcoal Solid, RA00
32261663Charcoal Solid, R100, R300, RC00, RG0R
31685081Maroon Brown, RA30
32261660Maroon Brown, RC30
32272794Slate, RGAR, R4A1
+ Fusebox
Part. No.Description
32207882excl. US

Holder for iPad Pro 10.5", iPad Air 10.5", for customers who want to replace a previous unit

Part. No.Description
32204956Charcoal Solid
+ Charger
Part. No.
+ Cable kit
Part. No.

Facts and advantages

  • Two integrated USB ports for charging an iPad® and phone at the same time.

  • The holder can be simply removed as required.

Technical data




Charcoal Solid, Blond

Accessory weight:

approx. 1.3 kg




Before using the iPad® holder in the vehicle, the protective film supplied must be applied to the iPad® screen.

The complete offer consists of two iPad® holders (you choose for which iPad® model(s)), a head restraint kit, a fuse box and two head restraint cushions.


The head restraint cushions for the iPad holder are offered in selected variants. This means that the appearance may differ from the car's original head restraint cushions.


The charger can only be used to charge USB devices. No audio/video is possible. If the charging current is above 2.5 amperes, the port is switched off until the device is removed. For better performance, use a short cable between the USB device and the USB port. Do not connect USB devices other than phone and iPad® to the USB ports on the docking unit.

Last updated: 4/22/2024