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Roof box, Travel Premier 430

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The Volvo Cars designed roof box has a volume of 430 litres, which makes it very functional. The aerodynamic design has been optimised for minimal air resistance and wind noise, and the sporty look is enhanced by the high gloss black paint.

The modern box is made of double-coated, vacuum-shaped ABS plastic, which makes it stable, durable and easy to handle.

The roof box is easily opened from the long sides and integrated LED lighting in the cover facilitates loading. Anti-slip protection prevents loads from moving around dampens noise from the roof box.

With convenient Quick-grip mountings the roof box can be mounted quickly and easily on your Volvo.

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+ Net, roof box, for load securing
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Facts and advantages

  • Aerodynamic design.

  • Integrated LED Lighting in the cover.

  • A mat in the bottom of the box to reduce noise and prevent the load from sliding around.

  • Integrated handle.

  • Fits all Volvo load carriers.

  • The roof box is Volvo designed with a matt black coloured strip in and inserts with Volvo Wordmark on each side.

  • The box is made of vacuum-formed ABS plastic, which means that it is light but also rigid.

  • More than 50% of the material in the roof box is made of recycled material.

  • Can be opened from both sides.

  • The roof box features the "Quick-grip" snap lock providing quick and secure assembly.

  • Advanced aerodynamic properties that reduce wind resistance, wind noise and vibration.

  • "City Crash"-tested.

Technical data


UV-stable ABS plastic, of which, 52% is made of recycled material


Glossy Black


430 l

Load capacity:

Up to 69 kg (depending on the car's max. roof load weight)

Accessory weight:

31 kg (68 lbs)


226 cm (external)


94 cm (external)


29 cm (external)

Load length:

211 cm (internal)

Load width:

73 cm (internal)

Load height:

21 cm (internal)

Number of pairs of skis:

up to 6x

Number of snowboards:

Up to 4x

Max. speed limitation:

130 km/h (80 mph)


Roofbox Travel Premier 430_front, Roofbox Travel Premier 430_side, Roofbox Travel Premier 430_logo_closeup


The gross weight of the roof box including load carriers must not exceed the vehicle's maximum roof load weight. See the car's owner's manual for actual weight.

Last updated: 6/18/2024