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Trip computer

Trip computer
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Op. No.: 38224

A trip computer facilitates the planning of the journey and makes it both enjoyable and economical.

The trip computers is available in two versions. In the first version, the system is based on either miles or kilometers. The second version has a system that makes it possible to switch between miles and kilometers.

A kit based on the factory version.

The trip computer assists you in answering questions, such as when do I need to fill up again?, or how to drive to get the best fuel consumption. It also has an answer to that age old children's question; Are we there yet?

Turn the dial on the indicator stalk to scroll through information about average speed, fuel consumption etc. The information appears at the bottom left of the car's driver's information display.

The trip computer is quick and easy to fit. It consists of a complete kit including turn signal stalk and installation instructions.

Application, trip computer1

Part. No.

ApplicationĀ¹, km/miles2

Part. No.Description
30786162Can switch between showing kilometres and miles
+ Installation kit
Part. No.
8637377Installation Instruction

Facts and advantages

Simple to use and displays:

  • Average speed

  • Current fuel consumption

  • Average fuel consumption

  • Trip odometer

  • Range to empty tank

Technical data


VCC_07046, vccpartners


Application, trip computer means that the system is either based in kilometres or miles. Application, km/miles must also be downloaded to switch between kilometres and miles.

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
  2. To download this application you must first download application, trip computer.
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