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Exterior Styling, general description

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An exclusive styling kit with several options for those who want to personalise their car and enhance the car's existing excellent driving characteristics.

In the "Exterior styling kit", points 1 and 2 and one of points 3 or 4 are included depending on which car you have:

1. Spoiler, front and Bottom sill

A front spoiler and uniquely designed bottom sill together create a whole and give the car an exclusive look. The car also gets a more personal expression through an inset decor trim strip, which is either chrome or glossy black, or is painted in the car's exterior colour.

For more detailed information, see Exterior Styling Kit

2. Spoiler, boot lid

A colour matched boot lid spoiler that enhances your car's personality. Available in most colours or unpainted for post painting.

For more detailed information, see Spoiler for boot lid

3. End pipes, double integrated (For cars with two standard integrated end pipes)

Unique double end pipes that give an expression of four end pipes. They look powerful and exclusive, and enhance the car's sporty character. Suitable together with standard diffuser on cars that have standard integrated end pipes.

For more detailed information, see Double integrated end pipes

4. End pipes, double integrated with diffuser

An exclusive kit that contains both end pipes and a colour matched diffuser with insert chrome strip. The double end pipes give an impression of four end pipes. This gives the vehicle a more powerful look from the back and enhances the car's sporty character.

With this kit you can chose a colour matched diffuser instead. Suitable for all equipment levels.

For more detailed information, see Double integrated end pipes and diffuser


The spoiler must be installed on the boot lid, upon purchase of exterior styling kit, to give the car the correct driving characteristics.

Last updated: 3/15/2022