2018 R.H.D

Exterior Styling Kit

Workshop installation recommended

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Op. No.: 89163

The styling offer consists of a colour matched front spoiler and uniquely designed bottom sill, a boot lid colour matched spoiler, unique exhaust end pipes and a colour matched rear diffuser with chrome insert.

This styling kit gives you the possibility to personalise your car even further. There are two options for cars with standard integrated end pipes. Either the end pipes can be replaced and the car's black painted standard diffuser retained, or the end pipes can be replaced and the diffuser replaced with a colour matched diffuser. You can even get a sporty or a more exclusive look by choosing between three different decor trim themes. Choose between chrome, gloss black or primed decor trim, which for optimum harmony is post-painted in the car's exterior colour.

Together with the unique 21" optional wheels that have been developed for use with this styling kit, an exclusive whole is created. The offer also makes the car look lower and more dynamic.

The products are thoroughly tested to enhance the car's already excellent driving characteristics.

Front spoiler and Bottom sill

Part. No.Description
40000922PrimedInstallation Instruction
40000918Black Stone, 019Installation Instruction
39792835Magic Blue, 467
40000938Electric Silver, 477Installation Instruction
40002500Savile Grey, 492Installation Instruction
40000930Ice White, 614Installation Instruction
39792837Twilight Bronze, 700
39792801Crystal White Pearl, 707Installation Instruction
40000946Bright Silver Metallic, 711Installation Instruction
40000950Osmium Grey, 714Installation Instruction
40000954Onyx Black, 717Installation Instruction
39792813Luminous Sand, 719Installation Instruction
39846947Mussel Blue, 721Installation Instruction
39792769Passion Red, 612Installation Instruction
40002504Bursting Blue, 720Installation Instruction
39792822Maple brown, 722Installation Instruction
40000962Denim Blue, 723Installation Instruction
40000966Pine Grey, 724Installation Instruction
+ Decor trims
Part. No.Description
31650020Black, 019, Gloss black

Double integrated end pipes (for cars with standard integrated end pipes)

Double integrated end pipes and colour matched diffuser (for cars with one or two round end pipes)

Facts and advantages

  • The gloss black decor trims have been especially introduced for R-design.

  • The exterior styling pack makes the car look lower and more dynamic.

Technical data

Accessory weight


6.5 kg (14 lbs)


VCC09382, VCC09850, VCC09387, VCC09388


"Exterior styling kit" does not fit the S90L.


The spoiler must be installed on the boot lid, upon purchase of "Exterior styling kit", to give the car the correct driving characteristics.

Do not miss ordering the "Decor trims" accessory kit to achieve a complete "Exterior Styling Kit".


In cases where a colour is missing, a base coated kit must be ordered and post painted in the desired colour.

Last updated: 3/15/2022