2018 L.H.D

Exterior Styling, general description

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Op. No.: 89163

A number of styling accessories that give you more opportunities to personalise your car. The styling products enhance the car's already modern Cross Country character further and also give a more refined look.

Most details of the styling offer are available in a gloss silver colour, to achieve a perfect colour match of other standard-fit design elements. "Skid plate, rear bumper" is partly exterior colour-matched to further emphasise the refined and upgraded design. All parts, except "End pipes, double" are made from high quality plastic and painted according to the same stringent requirements as the rest of the car's exterior. Aluminium rim "Alecto" 7.5 x 19" is available in five modern colour variants, to maximise the possibility of making your own personal choice.

The following accessories are part of Exterior Styling:

1. Side scuff plates

A styling element that is mounted on the outer sills of the car that also adds additional Cross Country character.

For more detailed information, see Side Scuff Plates

2. Decor trim, rear

Robust and exclusive decor trim that also protects the top of the rear bumper from scratches.

For more detailed information, see Rear decor trim

3. Skid plate, rear bumper

Replaces the car's ordinary skid plate. Gives an even more refined and powerful impression

For more detailed information, see Rear skid plate

4. End pipes, double

Oval double end pipes in chromed stainless steel, which enhances the car's refined and powerful Cross Country design further.

For more detailed information, see Double end pipes

5. Aluminium rim "Alecto" 7.5 x 19"

A dynamically designed rim with a unique look that is available in four different colour combinations. Helps to create a refined and powerful whole, along with products from the "Exterior styling kit".

For more detailed information, see Aluminium rim "Alecto" 7.5 x 19"

Last updated: 4/28/2022