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Cruise control

Cruise control
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With cruise control you can drive very relaxed and safely without having to keep your foot on the accelerator pedal. Easy to handle with buttons on the steering wheel.

An accessory that gives you and your passengers a comfortable and relaxing trip. The driver decides the speed of the car, then the cruise control handles the rest. This means, among others that:

  • it becomes easier to adjust speed to the applicable speed limits

  • it becomes easier to maintain a constant and comfortable speed.

Volvo's cruise control is equipped with automatic standby mode, which means that the cruise control is disengaged temporarily and set to standby mode, for example, if:

  • the service brake is used

  • the wheels lose grip

  • the engine speed is too low/high

  • the speed drops below approx. 30 km/h.

Cruise control system1

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Facts and advantages

  • Smooth and comfortable driving.

  • Precise speed control using an electronically controlled system.

  • After a temporary acceleration the set speed is resumed.

  • If you click on the RESUME button after braking the car returns to the set speed.

  • Simple to control using a keypad on the steering wheel.

  • Simple and quick installation.

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