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All-weather interior cabin floor mats

All-weather interior cabin floor mats
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Op. No.: 85532

Floor mats, including a tunnel mat, for the passenger compartment floor. The mats are made of soft and flexible plastic, which have a rubber feel. They have raised edges all around, which give protection against wet and dirt on the car's interior.

The material is rugged and designed in a pattern with soft edges and radii.

Both the mats' colour and shape are matched to harmonise with the car's interior.

The mats are easy to install and seal tight against the floor. They are fixed with integrated clips through leak-protected installation holes. The mats are easily removed and can be rinsed off with water.

Charcoal Solid (kit of five mats - four floor mats and a tunnel mat)

Part. No.Description
39841629RA00, RB00, RC00, RA01, RA02, RB01, RB0R, RC0R, RA20, RB20, RC20, RA22, RA30, RB30, RC30, RB21, R500, UA00, UA01, UA02, UB00, UC00, UB01, LHD

Facts and advantages

  • Waterproof.

  • Colour coded and harmonised with the rest of the interior.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Easy to install and remove from the car.

  • Kept in place with clips.

Technical data


TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer)

Accessory weight:

3.8 kg/kit



Colour code table - Upholstery/Interior

Colour code


RA00, RB00, RC00, RA01, RA02, RB01, RB0R, RC0R, R200, RC40, R500

Charcoal Solid

RA22, RB20, RC20, RB21

Charcoal Solid / Amber

RC30, RB30, RA30

Charcoal Solid / Maroon Brown


Not suitable for S90L.


The tunnel mat is not suitable for the plug-in hybrid/Twin Engine.


The fabric mats in the car must be removed before the rubber mats are fitted.

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