Kayak cradle, folding

Kayak cradle, folding
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Op. No.: 89172

An easy-to load and space saving cradle for the safe transportation of kayaks. The angled and space saving design enables two kayaks or one kayak plus extra equipment to be loaded on the car roof.

Convenient to load as the kayak is easily angled towards the textile-covered mating surfaces and held steady via the heavy duty straps. It can easily be folded down when not in use, a solution that reduces wind resistance when driving and increases the headroom at the garage entrance.

Part. No.Description
31408931Incl. straps

Facts and advantages

  • The cradle is folded down towards the load carrier, which means that it does not need to be removed when entering a garage, for example.

  • Stable and space saving design

  • Textile covered supports, that protect the kayak hull

  • Heavy-duty straps, that hold the kayak in position

  • Surrounding rubber protection protects the kayak and car from scratch damage when loading.

  • Suitable for all Volvo load carriers (mounted around the load carrier, not in the T-slot)

Technical data


Painted steel

Accessory weight:

4 kg (8.8 lbs)

Strap length:

2 x 275 cm

Load capacity:

1 kayak



Max. speed limitation:

130 km/h (80 mph)

Last updated: 1/23/2021