2000 L.H.D

Luggage compartment cover

Luggage compartment cover
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Op. No.: 88234

A stylish, retractable load compartment cover that conceals luggage in the load compartment.

The cargo compartment cover is housed in a cassette positioned on the back of the rear seat backs. When using the cargo compartment cover pull it out from the cassette like a blind and snap into position.

Part. No.Description
9499024V70 R, Grey
9499026Beige, V70 R

Facts and advantages

  • Easy to install and remove from the car

  • Conceals luggage

  • Colour coordinated to match the interior of the car.

  • Simple to handle with the snap fasteners

  • Textile roller blind

Technical data




Grey or Beige

Accessory weight:

4 kg (8.8 lbs)

Last updated: 4/28/2022