2016 R.H.D

Rearview mirror, door, foldable with ground lighting

Rearview mirror, door, foldable with ground lighting
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Op. No.: 84667

An electric foldable door mirror that facilitates parking and driving through narrow passages.

A door mirror with ground lighting that lights the ground below the front doors so that puddles and other objects appear sooner. The door mirror also makes it easier to detect whether an unauthorized individual is around your car.

If the car has an electric adjustable driver's seat with memory function, the door mirror with memory function folds down automatically when reverse gear is engaged. This helps you see how close to the edge of the pavement you are when reversing into a parking space.

Via the car settings function you can select to have the door mirrors fold in automatically when you lock the car.

Pressing both door mirror buttons retracts the door mirrors in against the sides of the car so that they do not cause an obstruction.

Activated using a separate button on the remote control for the remote controlled central lock. Operated using the switch on the center console.

Complete kit including door mirrors, switches and installation instructions. Do not require painting, the existing covers are moved during installation. If there is a memory function: set according to the position of the driver's seat.

Part. No.Description
31414376RHD, Without memory function
31414378RHD, With memory function
+ Application, electric foldable door mirrorĀ¹
Part. No.Description
31278052RHD, With memory function
31278053RHD, Without memory function

Facts and advantages

  • Makes it easier when reversing in tight passages

  • Minimises the risk of damaging the door mirrors

  • Lights the ground below the front doors

  • The door mirrors fold in automatically when the car is locked

  • LED indicators

Technical data

Accessory weight:

2 kg (4.4 lbs)



Last updated: 4/22/2024