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Padded upholstery for integrated booster seat

Padded upholstery for integrated booster seat
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Op. No.: 85745

Padded upholstery for cars equipped with integrated booster cushion. The upholstery has side support that gives the child a comfortable and safe car journey, while at the same time the car's original upholstery is kept clean. It is made of strong high quality fabric and consists of three parts that combine into one complete unit. The side supports can be easily removed prior to washing, thanks to a zip.

Cushion upholstery

The upholstery is easily pulled over the raised booster cushion and is removed when you need to fold it down. The bottom edge of the upholstery has a dirt cover in vinyl plastic that protects the rear seat's original upholstery.

Backrest upholstery

Built-in side support to improve seating comfort and keep the child in place. The upholstery is applied around the standard head restraints and secured in the rear seat's ISOfix eyelets.

Head restraint upholstery

A head support that is easily fitted over the standard head restraints in the rear seat and which is attached with Velcro fasteners. Integrated foam pads at the sides give comfortable support and keep the child's head in place while resting.

Part. No.Description
31659219 11-

Facts and advantages

  • Padded upholstery with comfortable side supports

  • Durable high quality textile

  • Integrated dirt cover with vinyl plastic at the lower edge

  • Washable

Technical data


Textile and vinyl






1.4 kg (3.1 lbs)



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