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Parking assistance, rear

Parking assistance, rear

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Op. No.: 39631 36687

Parking assistance, rear facilitates distance assessment and informs of obstructions when you have limited space behind the car, for example when parallel parking.

The system is activated when reverse gear is engaged. When an object is indicated, the radio's/stereo's sound level is muted and a pulsating "buzzer tone" comes from the car's rear speakers. The tone starts to sound when approx. 150 cm (60 in) remains to the obstacle and becomes a constant tone when the obstacle is approx. 30 cm (12 in) from the rear bumper. The remaining distance is also displayed on the multimedia display in the centre console.

The kit consists of four sensors, which are practically invisible in their location in the rear bumper, as well as a control module, wiring and a button in the centre console. Parking assistance can be disabled by pressing the button in the centre console.

This system can produce "false" signals as a reaction to external sound sources with the same frequency as the system's sensors. Typical sources are the horn, wet tires on asphalt, air brakes and motorcycle exhaust pipes.

The system is disabled automatically when reversing with a trailer if TRM is installed.

The sensors are painted in the same colour as the car's bumper, except if the sensors are located in the patterned area.

Part. No.Description
3137308614-Installation Instruction
+ Control module1
Part. No.Description
+ Spoiler
Part. No.Description
3138367514-, For visible end pipes, incl. cradle
3138367414-, For concealed end pipes, incl. cradle
+ Application2
Part. No.
+ Adhesive3
Part. No.
+ Glue gun4
Part. No.
+ Extra mixing tubes5
Part. No.
+ Cleaning agent
Part. No.
+ Primer6
Part. No.Description
1161765Excl. CA, CN, JP, US

Facts and advantages

  • Makes you aware of obstacles when parallel parking or the like

Technical data

Accessory weight:

0.6 kg (1.3 lbs)


VCC_22101, VCC_04266

  1. The control module is not required if Parking assistance, front is installed at the same time.
  2. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
  3. Can be used for several installations. A new mixing tube must be used for each installation.
  4. Can be used for several installations.
  5. Set of 6
  6. Japan orders in accordance with a separate procedure.
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